It's another day and another coffee shop meeting between the Wellnested team discussing brand new products! We're so excited and so grateful for the interest that's been shown in our store in the first week.

Here at Wellnested we like jars, well one of us definitely does..That's me! Can't get enough of them. I want them all around my house filled with pretty bits and bobs to tidy the place up, so the new idea floating around in our heads is.. 'items in jars' I know, it makes no sense and it won't do for a couple of weeks however it's coming! And so are those all natural oil burners we promised.

Talking of oil burners our 12 pack melts are almost reaching completion, how exciting is that!

On top of all this exciting news going on and launches, we've opened our online Etsy store too, if you could give us a follow and share the link in any way you feel fit we'd very much appreciate that. We are 'WellnestedHomewares'.

But right now it's back to my cuppa before it goes cold and back to the conversation of launches in products, I'll definitely be updating you with new and exciting products very soon! Especially on Etsy!

Stay tuned fellow Nesters!